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As the Principal of Ainslie Parklands Primary School, I am fully committed to supporting my staff and community in our goal of developing learners who can think for themselves, but also act on behalf of others. 

We all possess individual strengths and preferences in the styles in which we learn. A collaborative planning base and an ownership of the learning process allows us to foster these strengths, while identifying and developing the areas that require attention. We all bring a diverse set of experiences to the learning process and it is vital that these differences be recognised and celebrated.

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn” – Ignacio Estrada

As an educational leader I believe the learning process must be authentic. The learner must see a real-life connection, be able to make meaningful decisions, solve problems that present themselves and take action. Above all of this, the learner should have the opportunity to reflect on the process they are involved in.

A focus on authentic learning opportunities and a commitment to collaboration drive all that we do at APPS.  I warmly welcome you to contact us to learn more about what makes Ainslie Parklands Primary School a very special place for your child to learn and grow.

Jane Capon

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