School Council

School Council

The APPS School Council consists of parent members and staff representatives. There are currently 12 School Council members made up of eight parents and four staff. The Council has various subcommittees which report to the Council. These are Fundraising and Community Engagement, Finance, Buildings and Grounds, Policy and Education.

The role of the School Council is to:

  • set the broad direction and vision of the school including the school strategic plan;
  • develop, review and update school policies;
  • approve the school’s annual budget and monitor expenditure; and
  • develop effective communications to engage with parents, the school community and the broader Croydon community to create interest, effective partnerships and improve the school.

The School Council has a governance role while the principal manages the school and is responsible for ensuring the delivery of a comprehensive education program for all students.

How can parents be involved?

Parents can nominate for School Council at the start of each year. A notice is sent out to all families seeking nominations. Voting occurs at the Council’s AGM in March. Members serve on the Council for two years, with half the positions vacated each year. The staff nominate and vote for staff representatives.

How can parents raise issues with the School Council?

Parents can contact any School Council member to raise issues or concerns. Typically these will relate to matters of school policy. Teaching or educational issues should be raised with the relevant teacher or principal in the first instance.

Can parents attend School Council meetings?

Yes, Council meetings are open to all parents to attend and observe. In some cases, parents who have raised particular matters for Council consideration may be asked to attend and present on the issue. If you would like to attend a meeting, please contact the principal.

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