Specialist Curriculum

During the weekly timetable students from Foundation to Year 6 have access to a variety of learning opportunities from specialist teachers. The children benefit from 3 x 60 minute lessons a week, which they attend with their specific home group.

Visual Art  Foundation to Year 6

Visual Art Foundation to Year 6

Visual Art is offered as a specialist lesson for Foundation through to Year 6. Students explore various modes and mediums of art with a purpose built designated art studio. Where appropriate, connections are made between the learning within art lessons to the classroom program.  Students focus equally on the process, as they do the final product, as they develop their skills and appreciation of many forms of artistic expression. 

Music  Foundation to Year 6

Music Foundation to Year 6

Music is offered as a specialist lesson for Foundation through to Year 6. Lessons are based on the Orff Schulwerk approaches to music education. Students learn music elements through a hands on approach, making music together with movement, singing and playing instruments. The emphasis is on practical music making activities. Children learn to create their own music before learning to read and write music. Choir is offered for Years 3-6 students to further their musical interests. 

Kitchen Garden  Foundation to Year 4

Kitchen Garden Foundation to Year 4

Throughout the year, students develop a practical understanding of organic gardening as they sow, grow and harvest their own produce, with plenty of opportunities for tasting. Their appreciation and understanding of the environment grows as they work the soil, care for plants and observe the seasonal shifts as the year passes. Opportunities for scientific and artistic observation are integrated into the program and recorded in individual garden journals becoming record of these seasonal reflections.

Kitchen 2

Our new building includes a purpose built kitchen where students prepare and enjoy recipes using the food they have grown. With a focus on eating seasonal produce, the program widens both palates and outlook. Work in the kitchen and garden fosters cooperation, problem solving and independence with students proudly sharing their skills at home growing food and cooking for their families. 

Physical Education

Physical Education

Physical Education is offered from Foundation to Year 6. The program is incorporated into the weekly timetable and is facilitated by the class teachers. Sessions are conducted either in our sports hall, using the variety of playground spaces or the oval. The children also have opportunities to participate in specialist coaching in soccer, tennis, netball and gymnastics throughout the school year. Swimming, inter school sports and athletics also form a key part of the physical education program.

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